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Bienvenue sur notre site Web.

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      Air Handling units for Complex & BMS connectable machines

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    Your business issues are unique.

    Your business is the production of complex air handling units (AHUs). You need full features for your energy efficient AHU, which is connected to your Building Management System.

    Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric’s solution, based on the Modicon M172 performance logic controller, allows you to design your machine by offering seamless integration of variable speed drives, as well as a variety of Building Management System connections. Schneider Electric also provides related functions to support your engineering efforts and quickly deploy a large assortment of machine subfunctions. Dedicated functions to deliver innovative energy efficient solutions.

    • Value Proposition

      • Intuitive and flexible programming with ready to use function blocks
      • Tested, Validated, Documented Architectures (TVDA)
      • Enhanced modularity
      • Scalable single software solutions
      • Advanced function blocks for AHU management, recovery, wheel management
      • Algorithms and functions can be developed by user
      • Wide choice of Building Management System connectivity options
    • Differentiation

      • Monitor and improve your machine’s efficiency with :
        - Integration with power meter
        - Integrated variable speed drive and controller
        - Psychrometric calculation
      • Simplify your application visualization with embedded WebVisu: no need for an HMI!