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      Advanced and scalable crane control for STS harbor cranes

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    Your business issues are unique

    You need to reduce your engineering costs and maximize your system’s performance, while maintaining flexibility and openness. You also need to increase speed and enhance productivity, while achieving a higher safety level and increased energy savings.

    Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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    • Solutions

      The architecture Hoisting/ CANopen/ Logic Controller M241 Tower  is adapted to crane equipment manufacturers with specialized know-how. It provides an innovative solution for tower cranes that require high flexibility and modularity to ease adaptations for customization of the machines. It combines logic controller and variable-speed drives with an embedded CANopen field bus for maximum flexibility and simplified installation. The logic controller also provides dedicated hoisting functions to increase the productivity of the crane, with reduced risks.
    • Value Proposition

      • Logic controller (PLC)-based architecture with advanced functions, HMI, closed loop control for slewing, hoist and remote access.
      • Machine openness: Web pages in the M241 logic controller; VPN remote access to the machine.
      • Safety embedded: Compliance to EN 13849-1 Plc Cat 2.
      • Energy efficiency: Power meter for energy audits.
    • Differentiation

      • Connectivity: Secure, remote access to your customizable web server, to boost your market position, reduce travel costs and non-operating time of the machine; wireless remote control
      • Efficiency: Variable-speed drive-based solution prevents overheating of  motors while reducing energy consumption; ready-to-use hoisting solutions with detailed documentation, including hoisting functions library, crane templates, Tested Validated Documented Architectures (TVDAs).
      • Safety compliance: Our hoisting solutions are compliant to ISO EN 13849-1, easy to certify protecting people and goods.
      • Global support: Global onsite support in any language, by Schneider Electric Hoisting experts.